The Viper

Published: Thursday, 07 October 2010 Written by Brianna Benjamin
My cunning
Deadly Friend
Who would create you?
I cannot comprehend.
For not one
In their best of minds
Would create such a creature
Using your intelligence
You talked your way
Into existence.
Now, stealthily
You creep,
You slide.
Through the deep green forest
You glide.
Sensors ON
Searching for your prey
Someone's going to die today!
Suddenly you sight
A juicy, plump rat
Oh, so FAT!
Your mouth waters,
Your venom awakens
Someone's going to die today!
Slowly, you approach
The unsuspecting rat
You hypnotize
With those deadly eyes...
The rat is paralyzed.
Wrapping your tail
Thrice round its waist
You squeeze the rat
In a lethal embrace
The Gods are sad.
The forest mourns
As another member
Is no more.
My cunning
Deadly friend
Who would create you?

I could never comprehend.

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