Published: Wednesday, 21 October 2009 Written by Maya Bannis



As the light hits our eyes, as we slowly walk to the front of the room, smiles and wavesfrom our family so dear reach us. The teachers lined up alongside their chairs give their last farewell. All the memories we had and have fill me up inside.

I promise myselfthat I am not gonna cry, but the principal's speech brought it out atlast. I looked around, we all had tears on our cheeks as we wiped themaway we looked at each other. Another memory has been made.

They say the bestgoal in life is to graduate but it seems like the saddest. Thesmiles, the games, pranks, jokes and the marks we have made on thisschool's wet concrete, which harden with our feet are trying to keep usback. Our Junior classmates, our dear siblings hardly show smiles.It is the last day before most of us would never return.

Keisha's going to  England to be a bacteriologist. Jesse is going to France to own arestaurant and Joan is the musician. We all stand and take a breath aswe make this last as long as we can.

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