Dancing Nude in the Moonlight

Published: Sunday, 04 October 2009 Written by Kelcia Righton

Dancing Nude in the Moonlight is a story of love between cultures. It goes in depth into the hardships and tensions of immigrant life in Antigua, where people from the Dominican Republic are greeted with much suspicion and hostility. Yet, though the languages and ambitions of the Antiguans and Dominicana differ, the culture and religion of these countries have much in common.

 The writer of this novel, Joanne C. Hillhouse, clearly wrote this novel for readers of romance. Not only that, but she seeks to evoke the themes of racism and love in this novel. Love is slowly nurtured between a single mother and an aimless ‘has been’ Antiguan cricketer who turns out to have an unexpected talent for sports commentary.

Selena’s (the main character) ex-husband has left her in a country she knows nothing about, with a baby and two younger sisters, Celia and Pamela, to take care of. Celia works in a hotel at a job that she absolutely hates. However, it pays the rent and puts food on the table. Selena, being the eldest of the three, feels that it is her responsibility to take care of her younger sisters, especially the youngest, Pamela. When the Antiguan Michael meets Selena it is love at first sight for him, but Selena has been too deeply hurt by misplaced love in the past and Michael must take his time to ‘woo’ her with much understanding. 

When things finally start going well for Selena her ex-husband Victor shows up. How does this affect Michael and Selena’s relationship? Will their love blossom? And how on earth does this title suit the novel, you may ask. Well, I guess you’ll just have to pick up this book and read it to find out!

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