The Death of Lynn Reynolds

Published: Tuesday, 26 May 2009 Written by Narisse Philip

 Lynn Reynolds, her older sister Victoria and their parents lived in an apartment in Louisanna along with their mixed- Husky, Rocky. Lynn was a very quiet girl and loved to play with Rocky. They were best friends and went everywhere together.


Lynn Reynolds, her older sister Victoria and their parents lived in an apartment in Louisanna along with their mixed- Husky, Rocky. Lynn was a very quiet girl and loved to play with Rocky. They were best friends and went everywhere together.

One bright summer morning Lynn decided to walk Rocky. Rocky was in such a hurry that Lynn forgot her cell phone in Victoria's room. While Lynn was walking Rocky, she noticed that a black car was cruising down the street. Suddenly the car came to a screeching halt lower down the road. Lynn turned in alarm but saw Mr. Lorenzo Ramanda, her father's friend.

She hailed him," Hello Mr. Ramanda, how are you keeping?"

He had come walking out of the car toward her. Usually he greeted her, but today was different. Lynn, confused and at the same time sensing a threat, turned and ran; but in a minute she felt a heavy hand grab her by her wrist and it started pulling her down the street. What was Mr. Ramanda doing? Rocky began to growl and barked ferociously. He was still on the leash, and he too was being dragged down the street unwillingly. He turned and bit Mr. Ramanda on the arm. Mr. Ramanda yelled, and turned to give the dog a punch in the nose.Rocky yelped in pain.

 Mr. Ramanda continued running down the street with Lynn (by this time Lynn had dropped the leash). Mr. Ramanda lifted her off the ground screaming and shoved her into the car. Poor Rocky was left on the street barking angrily after her, his leash trailing behind him. The neighbours came out to see what the noise was about, but they came out only to find a black corolla swerving off the compound with the number 'DGT 8970.' Rocky ran swiftly behind the car but was unable to catch up so he made a beeline to his home.

Upon his arrival, poor Rocky, leash hanging, entered the house barking excitedly. Eventually the door suddenly, and Victoria came to see what the ruckus was all about. When Victoria opened the door, she was surprised to find only Rocky with his leash at the door. Figuring that Lynn was being careless again, she let Rocky in and started looking around for Lynn to scold her. After a while, when Victoria couldn't find Lynn, she began to worry. She even called Lynn's cell phone only to be greeted by the sound of it in her room. Victoria became alarmed. She called her parents.

 When Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds came home they were greeted by a sobbing Victoria. Victoria explained everything to her parents, and then her parents called every friend that they knew in the area; but they only got the same answer 'no.' When they couldn't find her anywhere they decided to call the police. Soon the police were at their house asking questions and searching homes along the streets. All the houses were welcoming, except Mr. Ramanda's. It was the only one that was deserted.

Mr. Ramanda was a rather secretive man, even the Reynold's did not know much about him but he had been their friend. Mr. Reynolds had known Lorenzo since he moved into the neighbourhood five years ago. He seemed to be a nice young man and often helped Mr. Reynolds around the yard and he had become good friends with the family. Now, the police somehow connected Lorenzo with Lynn. He wasn't there when Lynn was kidnapped ... or was he...

When the police came to search his house, they found no one there, but to their surprise the whole house was clean, unused as if it were a brand new house, except for the bedrooms which were very untidy. His car was not there.


Two weeks later, Lorenzo came to visit the Reynolds. When he had heard about Lynn he said that he was sorry to hear that. When Rocky saw him he began to bark fiercely at him. Mr. Reynolds found that strange, because Rocky knew him. His wife also had seen this strange response and had called the police immediately. The police came without delay and began to question Mr. Ramanda as a suspect. They searched his car and found it piled up with junk and Lynn's hair band. He told them that he had just come back from a vacation in Texas. The police questioned him about Lynn’s hair band they had found. He told them that he had been eating in the car with his girl friend who may have had the same headband as Lynn had had. His girl friend, on the other hand, said they had not met since he had come back and that the head band was not hers.


Lynn had been missing for two weeks now. Was Mr. Ramanda guilty? Was the head band enough evidence to convict him? Can you end this story? Submit your entries to the CHS Creative Writers’ Club.


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