Book Review on Pharcel: A Runaway Slave

Published: Tuesday, 24 February 2009 Written by Rainne Lawrence 4D

‘Pharcel: Runaway Slave’ is an interesting novel written by the Dominican author, Alick Lazare.  

Pharcel, the main character of the novel, has a slight sexual encounter with his owner, Jean Lyonnaise’s daughter, Georgette.  He is then locked up and is beaten and after an even more immersed encounter with Jean Lyonnaise’s wife, Elise, Pharcel is warned by another slave to runaway.  Along his travels through the undeveloped Dominica, he comes across several different important characters.  Deception, trust, love and hatred bring the novel in depth of the lives characters throughout the French Revolution.

  The novel also highlights matters, not only of the times of slavery but of today’s generation as well.  When Georgette becomes pregnant for Captain Marshall, Pharcel’s main enemy, it drew attention to the lives of the ‘white people’ instead of the slaves for a while. Many young teenagers today are becoming pregnant and so the novel is not only a ‘boring history lesson’ but a fact of life of today as well.

  “Pharcel: Runaway Slave’ is a very intriguing novel and it goes in depth of what Dominica was like before technology was introduced to the world.  Many of the characters were actual names of runaway chiefs and their followers so the novel has truth inside it.  The deaths of different characters keep the reader in suspense as each turned page explodes with vivid descriptions.  The end of the novel is so unexpected that it takes the reader back to the start so every last word can be understood and memorized.  It is recommended for older readers interested in captivated history and suspense on every page.

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