When Water Went Away

Published: Tuesday, 24 February 2009 Written by Colette Ambo Form 3
When Water Went Away

‘Morning neighbour Velma

Is a long time we no see.

How’s it been? An’ have you seen

Is plenty rain lately?’

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When Water Went Away

By Colette Ambo 3-3

‘Morning neighbour Velma

Is a long time we no see.

How’s it been? An’ have you seen

Is plenty rain lately?’

The women great each other

And then begin to walk

Pails on their heads and, bread in one hand

As they engage in talk.

‘Yes I see it Zuna,

But is good ‘ting rain a fall

You nah remember last year, what a happen here?

Yuh nah remember non t’all?

When de whole village go crazy

In de bad heat of de sun.

An’ old woman crawling an’ complaining, complaining

‘Is three month water gone!’’

Zuna stood there thinking

About things she dare not say

Forget? Not at all, she could certainly recall

When water went away.

‘No water, no rain for a long time.

How they call it? Drought.

We was thirsty like hell, anybody could tell

‘twas madness all about.

No water at all in de stand pipe

So alla we had to buy.

Big Boy shop come rich, ‘til his water finish

Den he say we go die.

An’ is whey Ma Tian-Tian was goin’

Wid she basin of clothes on she head?

She forget all 365 rivers gone? Yes, one by one

Is wat she wash wid, bread?

Doh even talk about de bathin’

Is perfume we use for so

Matta and Brent say we turning like French

From far, sweet; up close, sati mauvaix.

As for that Shilane self

Who was always holy,holy

After one month a gone curse drench up she mouth

Is de devil-self come out in she.

Doom Doom he-self a tell us

How no water make things hard for he

His garden a die wid him wife an’ he chile

An’ all his mango tree.

Sonny now was making noise

‘bout how life just get rough

Everyday is roast corn and’ smoke pork an’ a rum

Him need water to cook up a braf.’

Zuna watched the rain clouds

Gray, fluffed and stout

‘Ah remember for sure when ah open my door

An ah see de rain, ah shout!’

The women filled their pails

Then went their separate ways

Saying a prayer out loud, and thanking God

For water here these days.

And whenever you see the rain clouds

All ready to burst out again

Remember the time when

Water went away.

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