A Cloud's Melody

Published: Friday, 06 February 2009 Written by Nellie Jules

"A Cloud's Melody, A Mountain's Tragedy!"

I am annoyed.
People are everywhere.
I stare at the mountains
To the east of where I sit,
Or is it the west?

Their peaks
Touch the fluffy clouds lightly
A thin whisper of a touch
Embracing them, softly, the clouds
Pulling them towards the sky.

Come join me they say
Why? the mountains reply
Cause I'm in the sky and you're not
I'm closer to God
At least  that's what I thought

I don't think so the mountains say
I know that when you turn grey
You're crying and I know why.
The mountains heave a sigh.
You're crying because you're sad
You feel lonely, and I feel bad.

Nellie Jules
31st January 2009
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