The Convent High School School Band members 2015-2016


Mrs. Huguette St. Hilaire


Shariah Edwards

Vice President
Sarita Maximea

Sergeline Michel

Public Relations Officer
Aprille Rolle

Assistant Public Relations Officer
Leslie Roberts

Shakiah Dangleben


A life without music only silences your existence.


The Band was formed in 2003 to:

  • Complement Varying musical abilities of the students entering the school.
  • Complement the CXC programme which begun in 2006
  • Help prepare students for stage performances

Performing Opportunities

School functions: School Mass, Graduation, Visiting Officials, Recorder festival, Schools Art Festival, Talent show, School Assembly, Class recitals.


Students who feel that they have the discipline of time management have great opportunities as members of the school band. The band is the emblem of music in the school and as such, members are often the best musicians in the school and often top the music exams both in school and at the private examinations – ABRSM / CXC. It is also noted that band  students do not only excel in Music but in other subject areas as well. The first CXC Music Examination was an historical one, in that,the student who topped the island with nine one’s, was also a music student and a member of the of the school band from Form 1.

On an average there are thirty five regular members of the School Band, mainly from the first, second, and third forms. The course work of the senior students of forms 4 and 5 do not always permit them to be regular members; however, they practise the band pieces at home and find the time to attend the final practices and the functions.

The instruments which presently form the school band are: recorder, flute, violin, guitar, keyboard, drum, steel pan (when necessary) and other percussion instruments.We always like to add variety, so students who can play other instruments are always welcome. We recognize that students from the private studios are integral to our survival as a band since the recorder is the only classroom instrument.

Music Room

In 2005, funds raised from a talent show by our first group of CXC students gave way to the thought of transforming an old biology lab into a Music Room. With the aid of parents, some well wishers and past students, we were able to put our thoughts into action. These persons came together to clean, mend and fix what we now know as the Music Room today.A partition cuts off a small section into a music lab for recordings and producing musical works. Thanks to the St. Lucia youth choir for providing us with funds in 2007 to purchase our first Tape Recorder and CD player. We are also grateful to the persons who donated fans to cool the hot air during sessions and the Sisters for providing our first piano. Thanks to an anonymous benefactor, we were able to purchase a few needed musical instruments.

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