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World Respect Life Day - Head Girl Address Written by Marie-Ange Emanuel 930
Head Girl's Christmas Message Written by Marie-Ange Emanuel 1056
2015 May/June CSEC Certificates Available Written by Andre McAulay 915
CHS Credit Unionette's launching for 2015 Written by LeShaun Precious Peter 1297
Music Week 2015 Written by Huguette St. Hilaire 1272
Precious in Purple Written by Tamara Lewis-Celestine 1121
CHS Expresses Gratitude for Assistance after Tropical Storm Erika Written by Josephine Dublin 988
Dignity in Mental Health Written by Grace Etienne 1051
History Week 2015 Written by Deborah Harris 1396
Fundraising - Karoke - Ocober 23 Written by Leandra Lander 1033
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