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Get ready for CHS Credit Unionette Quiz! Be Informed! Written by Marva Bell 2726
Jade Alexander is our Head Girl Written by Kerissa St. Rose 2804
The Countdown Begins- Who will be Head Girl? Written by Kerissa St. Rose 2383
10th Annual OECS Credit Union Summit Written by Devi St. Luce 2842
Who is going to be Head Girl this year? Written by Kerissa St. Rose 2300
2012-2013 Afternoon Program Written by Isabella Prentice 2126
CHS Mural Written by Alex-Maree Roberts 2011
2012 CXC CSEC Results Impressive Written by Michael Peters 2450
2012 CXC CSEC Results Available [UPDATED] Written by Michael Peters 3979
Form 3 Curriculum Change Written by Josephine Dublin 2120
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