Staff Member  Department(s) and Duties
 Alexander, Stephanie (Ms.)  History
 Angol, Kevin (Mr.)  Physics
 Attidore, Ashana (Ms.)  French, Principles of Business
 Austrie, Annette (Ms.)  Pastoral Care, HFLE
 Bannis, Diane (Mrs.)  Mathematics (HoD), Business (HoD), Principles of Accounts
 Barrow, Rolande (Mrs.)  Mathematics, Science
 Cesar, Gabriel (Mr.)  French
 Christian, Pearle (Ms.)  Singing
 Christopher, Tesaline (Ms.)  History
 Cuffy, Dhanelle (Ms.)  Geography
 Douglas-Perez, Sarah (Mrs.)  English
 Dublin, Josephine (Mrs.)  Principal, Religion (HoD)
 Durand, Netisha (Ms.)  French, Literature, English
 Emanuel, Evalina (Mrs.)  Spanish
 Emanuel, Patricia (Ms.)  Mathematics
 Etienne, Kiran (Ms)  English, Literature
 Fabien, Tyrelly (Mrs.)  Spanish
 Francis, Tiffany (Ms.)  Biology, Chemistry, English, Science
 Goldberg, Nicholas (Mr)  Mathematics
 Grimner, John (Mr.)  French (HoD)
 Gumbs, Tishawn (Mr.)  Mathematics, Science
 Harris, Deborah (Mrs.)  History (HoD)
 Ismael, Akim (Mr.)  Religion
 Jeffrey, Sherri (Ms.)  English, Literature
 Jno. Baptiste, Audris (Ms.)  History, Spanish
 Johnson, Julia (Mrs.)  Physical Education, HFLE
 Joseph, Petrina (Ms.)  Mathematics, Principles of Accounts
 Lander, Leandra (Ms.)  Geography
 Lawrence, Amanda (Ms)  Music
 Lewis, Euvilla (Ms.)  Science (HoD), Biology
 Lewis-Celestine, Tamara (Mrs.)  Office Secretary
 Martins, Bruce (Mr)  Additional Mathematics
 McAulay, Andre (Mr.)  Deputy Principal, Biology, Science (HoD)
 Moulon, Annissa (Ms.)  English, Principles of Business
 Nation, Natasha (Ms.)  Dance, English, Literature, ICT
 Pacquette, Alaina (Ms.)  French, Human and Social Biology, Mathematics
 Paul, Julius (Mr.)  ICT, IT Lab Tech.
 Peter, Jovan (Mr.)  Chemistry, Physics
 Peters, Michael (Mr.)  System Administrator, ICT (HoD)
 Prentice, Isabella (Ms.)  Deputy Principal, POB, Geography (HoD)
 Seaman Williams, Andrea (Mrs.)  HFLE, Religion, Pastoral Care Coordinator
 Sorhaindo, Daria (Mrs.)  English (HoD), Literature
 St. Hilaire, Huguette (Ms.)  Drama, Music (HoD)
 Toulon, Heather (Mrs.)  Art & Craft
 Williams, Alces (Sr.)  Librarian
 Williams, Nadette (Ms.)  EDPM, ICT
 Wiltshire, Larenz (Mr.)  Chemistry, Human and Social Biology
 Xavier, Eldridge (Mr.)  Human and Social Biology, Geography, Science
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